the little children's home is committed to providing a loving and nurturing home for children in crisis, advocating for their needs to ensure that every child has a forever family.

Since 1991, several hundreds of children have experienced tender loving care through the motherly hands of our experienced caregivers. More than 300 children have since found a home with their forever families.

We usually have between 16 and 21 children in our care, from newborn babies to elementary school children.

Adoption birth at tlc home

The moment a child meets their forever family is the moment of birth. At the little children's home children meet their new parents at different ages; some at the age of ten years, some at the age of seven months, most commonly at the age of two years.

In adoption, we say a child grows in the parents' heart. So, when new parents arrive at the little children's home, it is their time to give birth to their child that they first met via pictures and a story.

Learn more about what an adoption birth at the little children's home looks like here. If you are a forever family that was matched with one of our children, this is where you will find more information. We hope it will help you feel more prepared and at ease with the process. You are welcome here and we cannot wait to meet you!

How can I adopt?

Local adoption
If you want to adopt locally, please contact your local DSWD. Our regional DSWD Region IV-a office, for example, hosts an adoption and foster care forum every last Thursday of the month. For more information, you may call 850-8380, or visit your DSWD office.

International adoption
For information on how to adopt internationally, please visit the ICAB (Inter-Country Adoption Board) website to find out which adoption agencies in your country partner with the Philippines.

Please note that you cannot adopt directly from the little children's home.

Jesus said,
"Let the little children come to me,
and do not hinder them,
for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."
Mark 10:14