Prenatal Care

Our prenatal days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. For your initial visit at Shiphrah Birthing Home, please make sure to be there at 8am for your initial interview with one of our midwives. You may also attend your first class, please refer to the schedule above.

During your prenatal check-up, you will be weighed, your midwives will take your blood pressure, they will measure your fundal height, feel the position of your baby, and listen to your baby's heart tones. Laboratory tests are part of your check-up as well. This is also a time for you to ask questions or talk to your midwives about any concerns you might have.

Please note that we work on a first come-first serve basis. You will need to sign in and receive a number upon arrival.

We look forward to seeing you at Shiphrah Birthing Home!


Shiphrah Birthing Home offers free pregnancy and childbirth classes to expecting families. Each class is nine weeks long and covers different modules on nutrition, prenatal care, childbirth, breastfeeding, and childcare. Classes also include exercises to help the mothers prepare for birth - please wear comfortable clothes.

Not only do participants learn about pregnancy- and birth-related topics, the classes are also a great way to meet other mothers and connect with other families. We believe that these connections are valuable to the building of healthy communities.

In order to give birth at Shiphrah Birthing Home, each mother is required to attend at least three modules.

Mothers who attend all nine classes are invited to attend our graduation ceremony with their families - a celebration of the mothers' commitment to learn. We play games, share testimonies, and all graduates receive a gift bag sponsored by our supporters.

Class Schedule

Classes are offered on prenatal days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

We encourage you to come to Shiphrah early on in your pregancy (about 12 weeks), so you can build a relationship with your midwives,
attend the classes, and receive good prenatal care all the way through your pregnancy. Please note, that we only accept new mothers up
to 32 weeks of pregnancy. For your first visit at Shiphrah Birthing Home, please make sure to be there at 8am for your initial interview
with one of our midwives.

The days start with a voluntary Bible Study at 8:30, followed by exercise and seminar at 9:00, and prenatal check-ups afterwards.

Expecting fathers are encouraged to attend the seminars with their partners.

Check our calendar for upcoming classes (scroll down to see the entire month):