Adoption Birth

To our forever families:

The moment you meet your child at the little children's home is the moment of your birth as a forever family. We know that many of you have waited for this moment for a very long time. And in many cases your child has been waiting for a long time as well. You have seen pictures of each other and have anticipated the arrival of this day eagerly. And yet, with all the excitement as the day comes closer, you might feel a little anxious. Some of you travel far, you might feel jetlagged, and many things might seem foreign to you. Not knowing what to expect often makes us feel uncomfortable, so we want to give you as much information as possible to prepare you and your child for your adoption birth.

We believe it is very important to care for the emotional needs of you as the new parents and of your child. The emotions in an adoption birth are very raw. Your child knows that your arrival means a big change for them. At the same time, for you as parents this is a new situation, too. Giving birth to a toddler or an older child is not easy, and feeling a bit scared is normal. This is why we love the three days we have together to assist and support you and your child as best as we can.

Instead of in the mother's womb, your child has grown in your heart, this is your birth!

During the three days of your adoption birth, we spend time together at both the little children's homeand at the Gustafson house (a new environment where the child is not so familiar). We like to call this "breathe in and breathe out" - a gentle dance of moving slowly away from what the child has known. Sometimes, we go for a walk, to the playground or ride a jeepney together, but in all these things, we are child-led. If the child is showing signs that we need to spend more time in their comfort zone at the little children's home, we will listen to the child.

For the three days of your time with us, we provide all of your meals. This time with your child is precious and we believe that you should be able to focus on your time with your child and on yourselves as new parents. Now is not the time to worry about food or logistics.

When your time at the little children's home comes to an end, we celebrate together with a going-away party, we call it a "despedida". During the despedida we have a time of worship, we share stories and we pray together before we all go outside to eat and finally send you off after lunch. The children at the little children's home are familiar with this routine and it has created a sense for them that this is the time to leave.

You are now part of our big international tlc family!

Adoption Birth Plan

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Adoption Birth

Click through the slides to get an idea what to expect when you meet your child at the little children's home...

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Day 1

Arrival of adoptive family at the little children's home
First Meeting

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Playing together is a good way of getting to know each other

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Lunch as a family in the Gustafson Bahay Kubo

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Bubbles are always fun to make and a great way to connect

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Child eats supper at the little children's home

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Saying good night after the first day

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Day 2 starts with some early morning play time and breakfast for the child

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Ready for a morning walk with the kids

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Breakfast in the Gustafson Bahay Kubo

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Play time

12 / 18

Time to eat

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Having fun outside in the afternoon
More play time follows before it's time for supper and the last night at the little children's home

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Last morning walk on day 3 before the despedida starts

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The despedida is a time of worship, sharing and prayer
A celebration of the child's birth into their family

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Making it official

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Precious memories

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Your life together as a forever family begins...

Day 1

Arrival of adoptive family at the little children's home (tlc)
Play time with child or child observes parents
Parents observe lunch

Lunch for adoptive family at the Gustafsons' together with the child

Parents put child down for a nap

Parents rest either at hotel room or at Gustafsons residence

​ Note: This is also the time we will check you in at your accommodation which is in walking distance to the little children's home. We strongly recommend that you choose this accommodation for your time with us, so you can get some rest not far from us. The rooms are Western standard and equipped with air-conditioning and WiFi, so you can also use this time to contact your family.

Play time with child at tlc

Parents feed child supper at tlc

Parents observe bathing child at tlc

Parents put child to sleep at tlc
Supper with Gustafsons

Day 2

5:00 or 5:30am
At tlc when child wakes up
Breakfast for child at tlc

​ 7:00am
Morning walk with all the children

Breakfast for the adoptive parents at the Gustafsons', child comes with

Parents bathe child at tlc

Nap time for younger children or play time for older children
Rest time for parents.

Same cycle as first day starting at 11:00am.

Day 3

5:00 or 5:30am
At tlc when child wakes up

Same schedule until first nap.


Signing of papers
Departure from tlc

Please note that the schedule might be adjusted depending on the child's needs or parents' schedule.

Stay Connected


The connection your child has with other children who were also at the little children's home is unique and often described as a big blessing by older children and parents alike. The same is true for your connection with other adoptive families, especially those who adopted from the little children's home as well. It's a unique bond and a great opportunity to share experiences. We are happy to know that many families have connected and stayed connected over years. There are tlc reunions happening in different parts of the world, some visit each other when they travel or plan a trip just to see each other. We have both an email list and a facebook group for former tlc children and families to make it easier for you to connect. We invite you to join and be a part of our community.

If you haven't been added to the email list, please send us an email with the following information:

Your name
Child's name
Child's time at tlc (YYYY-YYYY)
Email address

To join our private tlc facebook group, please click here. We are excited to hear from you!